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When you visit this website, we collect different data for different purposes. It is explained below which data we collect for which goals, how we get the data, what your rights are and how you can exercise. '' respects your privacy and ensures that all your personal data will be treated confidentially.

About ''

'' is an (online) store in clothing for the longer woman. Our website is deployed over and with '' for offering products, information and communication. We collect certain data via our website. Below you will find information about '' that you need if you want to contact us.

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the Netherlands

T. +31 (0) 6-44441025


Personal data and data processing

To offer you a good and personal service, we need some information from you. If you register with us, your name, (e-mail) address and telephone number are saved. That data is only used for services why you have specifically requested, so when you make an order with us or when you adjust your data.

'' processes three types of data: identity, payment and traffic data.

Identity data

These are data that you enter during the order or registration process:
Postal Code
Date of birth
E-mail address
phone number
Mobile number

We use the order data to process your order and to deliver the package to you as soon as possible. Your e-mail address and telephone number can be handy when there, for example, something is with your package. The e-mail address you enter here is not used for marketing purposes.

When you register on our site via 'Account', you can indicate whether you want to receive our digital newsletter with interesting offers. If you want to receive our newsletter, check the box. If you want to sign up for the newsletter, this can always send a reply e-mail via the link in the newsletter or by sending us to request it. Your other data is not used for marketing purposes and will also not be provided to third parties T.B.v. Commercial purposes.

Payment Details

Upon registration of payment details we only note your payment method (iDEAL or a transfer via bank or Giro). Bank data is of course not saved and every payment option is protected.

Traffic data

In traffic data you can think of registering an IP address *, installing a cookie ** and registering the click behavior and analyzing your navigation on our website.

With the traffic data we analyze the surfing behavior of our visitors. We look at how the navigation is used, which pages are visited and which items are ordered, so that we can improve the fame, functionality and content of our site (and digital newsletters).

* An IP address is an internet protocol address that refers to a unique destination on the internet. This can mean that in some cases it can be traced directly to the visitor's computer. This information is essential to send the pages to the correct computer via the internet. ** A cookie is a collection of data, a registration file, which transfers a website to the hard drive of a computer to store them there. Although a cookie does not identify the visitor, but his computer. Our website installs a cookie for analysis of your surfing behavior so that we can optimally compile our website.

Goals and data processing

Below is indicated for which purpose (s) '' collects your data. '' has the following specified goals in mind with the processing of your data:

* ID DATA Processed '' for administrative purposes, such as:
- Processing your order (administrative).
-The delivery of your order on the delivery address you have chosen (Administrative)
- Participate in warning systems inside and outside the industry
-The prevention, detection and control of fraud or irregularities

* Payment data processes '' for administrative purposes, namely:
-The payment of your order

* Traffic data processes '' for communicative purposes, such as:
- promoting the user-friendliness of the site.

Link via our website

The website of '' can contain advertisements from third parties or links to other sites that are not covered by ''. '' is in no way responsible for the content or compliance with the privacy rules by the managers of the relevant sites. In addition, recording links to other sites also does not approve '' with regard to the content of such sites.

Secure pages

The online payment options are secured. The pages are protected with SSL, so that your data will be sent encrypted and it is impossible for third parties to see your (credit card) data. You can check the security by pressing the payment page on your right-clicking and choosing 'properties'. You now get a window with the connection data. At 'Connection' it is stated that it is a SSL connection. Your credit card details, such as the number and the expiration date, are of course not saved.

Origin of data

The data that '' processes are obtained from visitors and customers, which you provide yourself via

Provision of data

'' provides your data to a limited third-party circle that processes the data for administrative purposes:
-Mollie: for payments through iDEAL. On the right, '' does not provide your data to third parties, except insofar as laws and regulations oblige us to this. The data is used exclusively for the goals described in this Privacy Policy.

Rights of visitors and our clients

As a visitor or customer of our website you have the right to address our e-commerce department with the request to inform you whether our organization processes your data. The e-commerce department will do in writing within four weeks of the request to you which data is processed, for which purposes these data is processed and where this data comes from, to whom they are provided and for which goals this happens.

You also have the right, through a request aimed at the E-commerce department, to improve, supplement, remove or decrade your concerned personal data. You can make this request if the data is actually incorrect, for the purposes of the processing incomplete or incorrectly processing or conflict with the law.

If you no longer ask a price on receiving our newsletter, you can inform us by e-mail or unsubscribe through the Laddlink in the newsletter.


Persons acting under the authority of the responsible person, as well as the controller themselves and those who have access to personal data, are obliged to secure the personal data of which they take knowledge, except to the extent that they are obliged by law or regulations.


In order to avoid unauthorized persons, '' has made various security measures, including measures against unauthorized access, unauthorized use, unauthorized change, unlawful and unintended destruction and unintentional loss.

Until key lock

If after reading this Privacy Policy you still have questions about the protection of your privacy during you visits on our website, please contact us in writing, by telephone or e-mail.

"" can adapt this privacy policy in the meantime when developments arise in the field of, for example, technology, legislation, processing or benefits. Changes will be announced via this page.