LL Style

Longlady Style, how do you have items from our collection for long women?
So occasionally let us see how you could combine it with other items or accessories.
The items with name are for sale at Longlady (ShoppingLinks under the style sheet). The other items are examples and do not sell and are to illustrate how you can continue to style your clothing.
ShoppingLinks: Only-m Jacket Boucle Cream, Bluefire pants Donna Cream, Longlady Blouse Diana Basalt
ShoppingLinks: Longlady pants bailey purple, Chiarienco shirt angel, Longlady blazer charlotte black
ShoppingLinks: LTB Jeans Matisa, Chiarico Col Black, Only-m Vest Cashmere Tobacco
ShoppingLinks: Longlady Jacket Mandy, Casamia Col cream, Longlady pants Nathalie Checks, Longlady Scarf Cream Black
ShoppingLinks: Longlady Legging Lorene Black, Longlady sweater Florine Ocher, Only-m Vest Cashmere Nero
ShoppingLinks: Longlady Blouse Dyna, Only-m Pants Travel
ShoppingLinks: Longlady pants natalia, Longlady Tanja Shirt, Longlady Longblower Christy

ShoppingLinks: Longlady dress Josee Bordeaux, Longlady pants branly black, Longlady Tanka Bordeaux shirt

ShoppingLinks: Longlady Pants Brany Khaki, Longlady shirt tirza offwhite, Longlady blazer caithlin black

ShoppingLinks: Longlady pants Nathalie velvet, Longlady Longblower Christy, Longlady tanja t-shirt white
ShoppingLinks: Longlady Blazer Carola, Cross Jeans Faye,