Jean Guide

Jeans in lengths 36 'and 38 "

Long Lady offers many types of jeans in lengths of 36 "and 38". Because the range is so wide, you may find it difficult to find the right jeans. Therefore, we have every figure type a list of advice in kind jeans.

In the table below you can choose which fit or pipe width you want and how high or low you want the waist. Have you made then you can click on the desired choice jeans in fit and you go straight to the product and then you can choose which wash you like. To provide you more information see the chosen jeans once a size information table. It contains per inch gauge what the dimensions of eg. Waistband, crotch height, width and thigh pipe width.




  Skinny semi Skinny Straight Slim Bootcut Bootcut Flared Loose
waist height              
Extra low waist              
low waist Mavi Serena   LTB Jonquil        
  LTB Molly            
  LTB Julita            
  CMK Suzy            
normal waist Mavi Nicole Mavi Sophie LTB Zena   LTB Valerie cross Faye  
  Mavi Adriana CMK Alina Mavi Daria   Lauren cross LTB Fallon  
LTB Nicole
Stark Bona Ascari Kim        
LTB Molly HW
Stark Bruni          
  LTB Molly M Ascari Power        
  LTB Daisy          
  BlueFire Nancy            
High waist Mavi Alissa Mac Angela Mac Dream   Mavi Mel
Mavi Meghan
  Mavi Lucy Ascari Lena Slim Mac Melanie      
  Mavi Sierra   Mavi Kendra      
  Mac Dream Skinny   cross Rose        
  Alan cross   CMK Lisa        
  BlueFire Lara   Ascari Luna        
  CMK Lara   Ascari Lena