Size chart jeans

With jeans, the measure is often dependent on the type and composition of the substance that is used. When there is more elastane in the fabric, you can often take a smaller size than when the piece of elastane is nil. The wash can also affect the dimensions of the jeans. No jeans falls the same because many manual operations take place in the production process. So one size 30 "may fall differently than the other size 30".

In general, the jeans size is measured in inches your contactable minus 10.
So you normally have a formal size 40, then your jeans size will be 30 ".

* You have one jeans in a wake. Jeans size Order the inch size to recognize it ".
* You must order other jeans in your contactable, this is often the description, but is therefore the size without "drawing.

General table for jeans

Below the general dimension in cm to determine your size.

Note: With the product itself you will find a specific size chart with the sizes of the relevant product.

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