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Collection: Mavi

Mavi women's jeans with length 36 and 38, for tall women

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Mavi is a denim and jeanswear brand founded in 1991, based in Turkey, Istanbul. Mavi produces jeans for both women and men and targets the younger generation. It is headquartered in Turkey and has offices in the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and Australia.

Mavi has flagship stores in New York, Vancouver, Istanbul, Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf.

Celebrities who wear these jeans are Kate Winslet and Chelsea Clinton.

Mavi has many types of jeans for tall women and therefore in length 36 or length 38 and in addition to the 'normal' denim jeans also many fashionable jeans. Below is an overview of the models that we offer from Mavi jeans in long lengths.

Serena: Low waist and skinny fit
Adriana: regular waist and super skinny fit
Lucy: high waist and super skinny fit
Nicole: Regular waist and skinny fit
Sierra: High waist and skinny fit
Sophie: Normal waist and semi-skinny fit
Kendra: High waist and straight fit
Olivia: Low to regular waist with a bootcut fit
Maria: High waist with a flare fit
Meghan: Higher waist and a wide fit