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Welkom op onze website speciaal voor lange vrouwen !

Stuur jij kleding die te lang is retour naar ons?

Do you return clothing that is too long to us?

There are no 10 lengths. Imagine that there are 70 pieces of 1 dress model in 1 color in the rack. Namely size 34 to size 46 in 10 lengths. Impossible!

That is why we base the height on the average of the height of tall women.

Below you will find a maxi dress that has the length as normal in the confection. Too short for us tall women!

If we base the dress on a woman of 1.80, as shown in the image below, women from 1.80 to 1.85 can wear it, but it is really too short for the taller women among us.

We would like to help all women between 1.80 and longer with a beautiful dress. So we base the length of the dress on a tall woman of approx. 1.85
This is also a maxi dress that is long enough for women from 1.86 to 1.94.

This dress is (slightly) too long for women from 1.80 to 1.85. But they have the option to have it custom made, so to have it shortened slightly. That is something that many women have to do, however, the tall woman is not used to this and often send clothing that is too long back to us. But why not have it shortened like some other women? We should be happy that something is finally long enough, right? Because something can be done about that, making it longer is simply not possible.

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Hahaha, de eerste keer dat mijn broek te lang was moest ik keihard lachen. Helemaal happy. Ik moest mijn broek laten verkorten!!
In plaats van weer terug te hangen in het rek omdat de broek weer eens hoogwater was.
Nee hoor geen probleem als de broek een keer wat langer is. Ik ben er blij mee.


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